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Grab your pad, your phone, your surface, your tablet, or if you’ve been working out and can handle the heavy lifting, your laptop and make sure to save a shortcut to because you are going to live on this new site!

Looking for wedding ideas? You’ll find them here, at fabulous weddings, from DIY to Platinum Fairytales. You can see so many different styles and themes in the Ideas to I Do featured show an individual video segments, and new videos are added all the time!  

Ever wonder what a certain venue would look like for your wedding? Does the hotel or country club website give you a good feel for how your photos will look on your wedding day and what the room will be like with 250 of your best friends in it? I didn’t think so, the hotel website has a lot of pictures of pools and hotel rooms and the country club website has a lot of pictures of golf courses and the beach website… well there isn’t one. What’s a bride to do to decide where to spend one of the most important days of her life?

Just click on Venue Videos and see different style venues and what they have to offer, during an actual wedding, just as if you were there! Hear from the hotel directors and banquet managers about what they have to offer you and really see a venue come alive! Not a glossy magazine ad with pretend brides and photo-enhanced details – a real time video with a real bride and groom!

What about choosing your vendors? WOW! Are there a lot of photographers or what? How do you even begin to decide on who will create what many consider to be the single most important thing of your wedding – the photographs? The photographs that you will treasure for 100 years…or more.

Well, there are a lot of beautiful wedding photographer websites – thousands of them! But how do you know if the photographer is great at creating stunning and memorable wedding photos or if they are great at creating beautiful, colorful websites. This applies to so many different things; florists, decorators, coordinators, dj’s, we could go on… do they have fabulous weddings or fabulous wedding pictures? How do you know if they have the same vision as you, a certain innate style, a relaxing and laid back personality, or an energetic and take charge approach?

Click on one of the videos on Ideas to I Do and see for yourself. Then click on some more. Listen to what they have to say, see them setting up at a wedding, find out what their experience is and what tips and advice they have to offer, all in the comfort of your office – on your lunch break of course!

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says the rest and Ideas to I Do is the only website of its kind for weddings. We are so excited to bring you videos on everything weddings and will be adding lots more in the weeks to come, with tips from celebrity experts like Randy Fenoli, Donnie Brown and some of the top experts in your area!

Happy Viewing and Happy Wedding!!!

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