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The Club at Bella Collina is one of the most amazing wedding venues we have featured on “Ideas to I Do.” So beautiful in fact, that we have actually featured two weddings at the property. What was great about each of these weddings is how different they were not only in style but also in the spaces they utilized, showing the versatility not only of Bella Collina but other venues as well. There are so many different spaces available at Bella Collina that obviously not all brides are going to select the exact same spaces, given each wedding size and style is different. Or, a bride may want to use a space for a cocktail hour that another bride utilized for a ceremony. This got us to thinking about all the possibilities available when you are considering a wedding venue and the different things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding location.

Tips for Selecting a Wedding Venue


Ask about Different Spaces Available

You may see on the venue’s website photos depicting a ceremony lawn or ballroom they have available. However, these spaces can sometimes be used in less conventional ways. Like the Club at Bella Collina, they are able to flip one space to be used for both the ceremony and reception while guests are enjoying the cocktail hour. Ask if this is an option if you have your heart set on just one space that you’d like to use for both parts of your celebration. Just because you only see the space pictured one way in their photos doesn’t mean it can’t be used in another way. If that’s the case, it didn’t hurt to ask.

Consider Using Multiple Spaces

As you watch this featured wedding at Bella Collina, you will see that the couple really spread out their cocktail hour, using multiple areas to wander off and explore. Ask the venue if you are able to use multiple areas, perhaps with food and drinks in one area and a photo booth or other entertainment in another. It will not only keep your guests entertained but also make the cocktail hour fly.

Choosing a Venue that Matches your Style

The Club at Bella Collina is an amazing venue, but it isn’t for everyone. The wedding we featured there was a rustic, vintage, yet elegant celebration that blended perfectly with the Tuscan feel of the venue. If you are wanting to go with a more modern theme incorporating white lounge furniture, perhaps this isn’t the right venue. It is important to keep in mind when selecting a location for your wedding the overall feel and experience you are wanting to create for your guests. If you’d like to give your guests the trip to Italy you have always wanted without leaving the states, then a venue like Bella Collina is perfect for you.

Don’t Forget the Weather

The wedding we featured at Bella Collina had both an outdoor ceremony and reception as well as cocktail hour. During the afternoon of the wedding dark clouds rolled in, but it never did rain. They got lucky! It is important to remember the weather conditions when selecting a venue. Know that if you have your heart set on an outdoor celebration that the weather may be a factor. Most venues provide for this situation, keeping a back-up location reserved and ready in the event the weather takes a turn for the worse. The Club at Bella Collina is located in Central Florida, but no matter where you live it is important to think about the time of year you want your wedding to take place and the weather conditions you may have to battle based on the venue you selected.


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