Tips for Attending a Bridal Show

Meet the area’s most popular and sought-after wedding professionals and take advantage of special offers and discounts offered at the show.

Get ideas, tips and all the latest trends. From the dress to the cake, find out how you can bring your wedding day vision to life. Meet and interview different companies, compare reception sites, menus, floral & décor, photographers& videographers and coordinators.

Have a plan

Plan your wedding in stages and create a priority list. Focus on the services you need first and narrow your choices down at the show. Make notes of unique ideas you see and wish list items so you can refer to them when you are ready and revisit them at a future show.

Have your appointment book and calendar ready

Be ready to set appointments with your top choices. This will save you and prospective vendors time following up later and many vendors will offer special incentives if you book an appointment at the show.

Wear comfortable shoes

With interesting exhibits and displays in every corner of the room, there is lots to see and do, so be prepared to check out every booth.

Bring a credit card or checkbook

You may want to reserve your date right on the spot and take advantage of special discounts right at the show. May times couples take some time while sitting during the fashion show to make decisions and then book their vendors right at the show so you don’t miss out on your date. Also, there will be fabulous jewelry, bride-themed items and possibly services like on-site teeth-whitening that you will want to take advantage of.

Bring preprinted self-adhesive address labels

with the following information: bride’s name, bride’s email, mailing address, phone number, fiancé’s name, wedding date and location. This will save you time and allow you to sign up for drawings and special offers very quickly.

Plan to spend the day

There is lots to see and doand literally thousands of dollars in prize giveaways at every Your Wedding TV Bridal Show. Prize drawings are announced throughout the day with the majority of prizes given away at the end of the show. You must be present to win so make sure you stay until the very end of the show. Bring your groom, moms and maids. There is something for everyone at Your Wedding TV Bridal Shows and it’s good to have someone to share the experience with and get different perspectives from.

Create a separate bride email account

Register for a free email address that you can use when filling out forms. All the valuable wedding information and special offers you receive will be easy to keep track of and when the wedding is over you can cancel the account and not receive any unwanted wedding information.

Attend the Fashion Show

Your Wedding TV Fashion Shows are widely recognized as the only bridal runway fashion show of their kind and are extremely entertaining, even for the grooms! You will see so many different fashion styles and color schemes, as well as bouquets, hair and make-up looks. The fashion shows are a great way to bring all the different styles to life, envision what they look like on and then visit the salons to try your favorites on for yourself.

Come to every Your Wedding TV Bridal Show

Shows are held 3-4 times each year in several Florida cities including Central, West Coast and South Florida. There are always brand new companies, different exhibits and something for every stage of the wedding planning process.

Of course, attending every show increases your odds of winning a fabulous prize!

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