Scott Messina on Choosing the Right DJ

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Scott Messina from Messina Productions tells us to use your gut feeling when hiring a DJ! The music makes or breaks the mood- so make sure you really love the DJ you plan on using!

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Qwenci 2/22/16

before, it really came down to alcloating fixed resources (our budget) according to our priorities and preferences. Sure, we blew our clothing budget, but I intended to sell my dress (still need to do that!), I still wear my wedding shoes, and my husband wears a suit to work everyday so some of those were more “practical” expenses. And don’t be afraid to get creative – or break with “tradition.” It’s your wedding, so it should be a reflection of you as a couple. Don’t want to do a garter toss? Don’t buy a garter! There are SO many ways to save money. I firmly believe you can have a beautiful wedding, regardless of your budget…you just need flexibility, a little creativity, and perhaps some DIYing. Hope that helps!

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