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HOME: This takes you back HOME, even if you’re not from Kansas.

VIDEOS TAB: This lets you watch individual segments by category or city so you watch just what you want. Other suggested videos are always available to click on as well, and what’s really cool is they are ALL ABOUT… WEDDINGS!

FEATURED SHOWS TAB: These are the featured episodes – just like on TV, but we don’t really need TV’s anymore because who wants to pay for cable – just watch and the first season of Breaking Bad on Netflix when you need a break from all the wonders of weddings! Our Premiere Episode One is featured now, but there are lots more to come!

VENDOR PROFILES TAB: These are coming soon, because the same day we launched this cool way to connect brides and vendors together and make magical weddings happen to you our brides and grooms, we also launched it to vendors, venues and the wedding industry in general. So pretty soon this will be the place to find all of these great vendors – watch their video, hear what they have to say, see their amazing wedding productions and then… click on their info and contact them on their website, facebook, twitter, Instagram or even on the telephone…ring, ring the brides are calling, they saw you on Ideas to I Do!

BRIDAL SHOWS: Take it a step further and meet vendors in person at the Florida Wedding Expo. Click here for all the latest info, dates and locations, prizes and to grab some discounted tickets. If you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Sunshine State, we have a show coming up you can attend in Central, West Coast or South Florida. Come experience The Ultimate Bridal Show… Florida Wedding Expo!

FASHIONS: Speaking of the Florida Wedding Expo, probably every brides favorite part of the day is the runway fashion show. You can watch the latest gowns and bridal party fashions come alive on the runway, see what styles actually look like on real women, enjoy some fantastic entertainment and if you’re lucky catch a bouquet or maybe the coveted “Because I’m the Bride… that’s why!” Tee-Shirt.

Then after the show or if you couldn’t make it, watch the fashion shows here – it’s almost as good as being there, (without the awesome runway music that we can’t play on our website).

BLOG: Stay tuned for lots of great blog features, more info on weddings we cover, special Featured Bloggers and a Lifestyle section for after you tie the knot!

FEATURED VIDEOS: OK, so these are featured videos. CLICK, WATCH, REPEAT!

FEATURED SHOW: Full-length TV show, even the commercials have good info for your wedding! Great way to find everything you need for your wedding, with several topics featured in each episode.

REGISTER: We have ongoing giveaways for brides and also for vendors through the registrations on this site. Just submit the form and you will stay registered for amazing prizes, like honeymoons, tux rentals, jewelry certificates and more for brides and every vendor’s favorite thing, FREE ADVERTISING on Ideas to I Do!

Also, vendors and brides can submit a wedding for consideration to be featured. Just fill out the info on the form and we will be in touch.

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